Ava + Kris, born and bred in NYC, is a contemporary outerwear and soft accessories brand that beautifully melds timeless classics with current trends to create pieces with universal versatility. Our jackets suit everyone: from the trend-experimenting fashionista to the style-conscious and laidback. Ava + Kris is “lazy girl loved” because of the statement our pieces make on their own, requiring little effort to create a fierce look. As a female-owned business, we understand our responsibility to give back to our community and empower our customers. That’s why we invest in our team of brilliant women and frequently donate to relevant and pressing causes. Our jackets and accessories can be found in some of the best retailers in the United States and Canada, such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Shop Bop, and over 100 other specialty stores. Most fabrics we use are often custom made and exclusive to our brand. Ava + Kris pushes fashion boundaries while maintaining downtown romantic style with functionality and comfort for every season.